Infinity Scarf-Nursing Cover-Poncho-Cape By LaDy LaDuke


Infinity Scarf-Nursing-Poncho, Cape-4 in 1 Ways to Wear in Sweetheart Style, Size S-XXL in Avocado Green FREE SHIPPING.


Want Something Designer & Special in your Infinity Scarf?…


infinity scarf



Very cute scarf. Love it.


Infinity Scarf-Nursing-Poncho, Cape-4 in 1 Ways to Wear in Sweetheart Style, Size S-XXL in Avocado Green.


WEAR IT AS A SCARF Single or Double Looped

WEAR IT AS A NURSING COVER on Either Shoulder with Full Coverage


WEAR IT AS A CAPE Pulled Higher with Your Arms Free


This fabric will do whatever you want it to do, and bounce back in shape. It can stretch from 4-7 times its original length and recover. It drapes and manipulates beautifully. It’s super-soft and tee-shirt weight.


infinity scarf


Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover, Poncho, Cape Couture Features:


*BETTER: Designer Details & Touch with Cut & Tied Sweetheart Bows & Fringe that Flicker & Taper Down Your Cover. You Get to Play with the Shape & Style Any Way You Want.

*DESIGNER ORIGINAL: Invented and Designed By Moms Just Like You. We are Handmade in the USA with Our Own Original Designs. All of Our Nursing Covers are Designer Hand Cut, Hand Sewn, Individually Tested and Hand Packaged.

*MORE STYLISH: You Get Modern, Designer High Fashion and Many Styles & Color Choices.

*BETTER: Rayon Spandex Knit Fabrics that Shape, Stretch & Mold–Then Bounce Back for What Moms and Babies Want, Plus Gorgeous Colors & Easy Style from Jeans to Evening, Lunch with the Girls or Playground.


infinity scarf




Near Your Heart with Sweet Bows that Fall & Flicker with Happiness.


*Shown in Size S-XXL Size 2-18
*Measures 36″ Long By 62″ Around Middle



*Gather the fabric from the bottom up, and loop once or twice over your head as a scarf. The fabric can fall down on either shoulder under your arm for nursing. For a poncho look, just pull at the neck drape, and allow the fabric to fall over both shoulders and arms. To wear as a cape, pull the fabric up higher for your arms to peek out, and drape the fabric more at your front.

*Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry.

*Original Designs by LaDy LaDuke.


*See our Welcome Page for your transaction details and process. We like to take care of you!


infinity scarf


Infinity Scarf SALE with FREE SHIPPING-Nursing Poncho-Nursing Cover Cape-Nursing Four in One Cover-Sweetheart Style in Green just $25…


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