Nursing Cover Pattern-The Feeder Frock Signature Pocket


Feeder Frock Nursing Cover Couture: This Nursing Cover Pattern LaDy’s Signature Pocket Style Features Three Layered Ruffles Cascading from the Neckline with Gathered Front Deep Pocket. 


Make this your nursing cover pattern home sewing project idea…



nursing cover pattern


Designer Nursing Cover Pattern PDF Sewing Tutorial-Sew Just Like a Designer!


nursing cover pattern*Feeder Frock Nursing Cover Couture: This Pattern LaDy’s Signature Pocket Style Features Three Layered Ruffles Cascading from the Neckline. The Gathered Deep Pocket Extends from the Ruffles. The Sides of the Front Panel are Gathered for a Ruffled Effect. 



You Can Sew Paper Pattern Free, Fast & Fun!





nursing cover patternThis Nursing Cover Pattern PDF Download Includes The Perfect Mom or Mommy to Be Gift to Go with Your LaDy LaDuke Feeder Frock Nursing Cover Sewing Tutorial, The Simple Mom: Parenting Simply Book.Here are some of the contents of your gift with purchase book…
*Family Projects:
-Cooking & Baking as a Family
-Families That Garden Together Eat Together
-Potluck Feast Ideas
-The Family Den – A Space for Everyone
-Getting Everyone’s Input on Redecorating the Family Room
-Reducing Clutter as a Team
-Landscaping with the Whole Family
-How to Get the Whole Family Involved in Outdoor Clean-Up
-Setting Up a Chore Chart
-Hosting a Family Reunion

*Toddler Management:
-Beyond Survival-How to Enjoy the Toddler Years
-Toddler-Proof Your Home
-How to Handle Toddler Temper Tantrums
-Communicating with Your Toddler…and more





Don’t forget to add to your cart your memory wire to go with your Pattern Feeder Frock Nursing Cover. Your memory wire is pre-made for you, and will ship separately.




The Viewing Neckline is One of a Kind–Bending and Shaping as You Need. If You Feel Exposed…Flatten It. If You Need to View Your Baby over One Breast…Shape It. Our Neckline Holds the Memory of Whatever Shape You Want!







ADD THE BACK COVER PATTERN TUTORIAL for full, mobile coverage while breastfeeding in public.


nursing cover patternThe Back Cover is your Ultimate Nursing Cover solution, because it gives you the most function and style possible. You can breastfeed sitting with just your FRONT cover, you can breastfeed standing while chasing your kids and stay covered. Each breastfeeding situation is different, and your Ultimate cover has you covered.



You might want to try a new and easy way of sewing for this exact style Feeder Frock with the pattern pieces and fabric pre-cut for you. We call it a SEWING KIT STARTER. It includes your memory wire and a matching carry bag to protect your cover in your diaper bag. You also get your custom color choice.


nursing cover patternGET YOUR LADY’S SIGNATURE POCKET FEEDER FRONT FROCK SEWING KIT STARTER HERE. They are coming to our home shop soon!


Escape the frustration of the fabric store, paper patterns, and trying to figure out your pattern pieces. We do the work for you, and package your Nursing Cover Pattern Sewing Kit in your matching, handy Carry Bag to store your new cover in your diaper bag.







nursing cover patternDesigner Nursing Cover Pattern-The Feeder Frock LaDy’s Signature Pocket Tutorial-PDF Includes Bonus The Simple Mom Book for $5.95.


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