LaDy LaDuke Behind the Scenes



As Entrepreneurs, we want to inspire other entrepreneurs.


Sometimes the small details and story behind the scenes of a business can inspire a fellow entrepreneur or new entrepreneur to go ahead with her ideas.


We hope our Entrepreneur Business story gives you that special feeling to make your Entrepreneur dreams happen too!


We are:

LaDy LaDuke


The name of Betina’s and my online handmade entrepreneur business of fashion, nursing cover wear, maternity clothes, nursery and home decor for moms, as well as a children’s illustrated book series on Amazon, The Viking and the hermit.


Entrepreneurs Never Rest…


We also expanded on the entrepreneur business side of things, and help our fellow Entrepreneurs and Mompreneurs start their own Etsy Shops, a business blogsite, or improve their businesses through Courtney’s SEO services and business help via BLOGmoda My Blog & Mom Blogger PLR.


We, as entrepreneurs are always working on something new to add to our LaDy LaDuke line for moms, their nursing needs, other entrepreneurs and more.


Getting Personal in Your Entrepreneur Business & Branding is a Good Thing…


If you’re wondering where we got our entrepreneur business name brand, our maiden name is “LaDuke” with a capital “D”.


The impetus for creating our business brand name all started with our signature invention for breastfeeding moms, The Feeder Frock breastfeeding cover. Since we knew we were making things for moms, women and moms in business, we knew we needed a lady for our LaDy LaDuke entrepreneur business logo, and matching the capital “D” just made sense.


Entrepreneur Ideas & Starts Can Be Simple & Low Tech…


First thing in this business venture as entrepreneurs, was to sit down and sketch out a somewhat Vogue style image of a lady sitting on a vanity chair. We wanted her to look very stylish and intriguing. Many tell me she looks like I do, and that probably subconsciously happens from mind to paper…




You can see all of my eraser smudges, huh.


Entrepreneurship Resources: Enlist Your Family Members!…


Luckily, we have a super model niece in the family,  who gave us so many of our gorgeous LaDy LaDuke business product photos, and is the most photogenic person we know. Even my bad photos of her are good.  She knows exactly how to place herself in a shot…a natural.




Entrepreneurship Resources: Enlist Your Talented Friends…


I don’t think we’d be here without all of her photos selling those breastfeeding cover Feeder Frocks, plus a generous friend and hobbyist photographer! Thank you C & J!


Entrepreneurs Keep Expanding, Growing & Connecting Their Ideas…


Since I sketched our LaDy LaDuke logo, I tried my hand again for our Mommy LaDy Club blog, and went off of our idea to pull from our original LaDy, and to match our writing themes for our entrepreneur business blog of fashion, health, beauty and fitness, love and romance and being the Chief of Everything Officer.  


These MommyLaDies and alter ego moms are sitting on a similar vanity bench as our LaDy business logo, the umbrella is pulled out and featured more, with Betina’s oldest son and funny little character represented on the right end…




My talented step-daughter, who is a marketing and advertising professional, created more graphic images from my business idea sketches that you see on our business blog site.  Thank you C!…









Entrepreneurs Are Grateful…


So, when you’re visiting our Mommy LaDy Club business blog or here at our entrepreneur business, LaDy LaDuke, the “D” is always capitalized, and now you know why.


entrepreneurshipHere’s more of what we as entrepreneurs in online business do at LaDy LaDuke…





Courtney & Betina


Entrepreneurs Work to Offer More & Better…




Now when you shop at our Etsy, Moms can choose a FREE The Simple Mom Book as a gift with purchase, or select from any of our Kids Books and Crafts from The Viking & the hermit.


entrepreneursThis is The Viking & the hermit Coloring Book you can get FREE with purchase!






LaDy LaDuke: Behind The Entrepreneur Business Scenes


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    Hello Courtney, I just wanted to catch up with you from Gina’s wedding. Please send me your email/phone information. I wanted to talk to you about LaDy LaDuke. Thanks

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