Oh My Mommy Necklaces

mommy necklaces

Jewelry: Zebra Necklace

Oh My Mommy Necklaces, they’re to die for…

Most days you throw on your jeans and tee shirt, and if it’s cold outside, you need a jacket. Here in our climate, you can still get away with a light jacket at night out to dinner, and some nice heels added to your daily staples.

necklaceA little blush, lipstick, mascara, and you’re out the door.

The one thing that never fails you, and that you can turn to for all of your stylish statements is a necklace.

It’s the accessory that does the most with your clothing, and takes an outfit from simple staple to whatever you want!

Next time you’re not sure what to wear, and don’t feel like getting out of your jeans and tee, try the juxtapose of something ultra mommy chic–bold and unique with your necklaces, and see what they can do for you.  You’ll be surprised.

Here are some Oh My Mommy Necklace choices for your next bold moment!…



Jewelry: Blossom Zipper Necklace

This necklace style is a classic view, and sure it will look great with your party dress, but can really jazz up any color tee too…



Jewelry: Black & Gold Statement Bib Necklace

Life is short, and you only go out how many times.  Why not shop for something out of your comfort zone?



Jewelry Statement Cardboard Necklace

necklaceWho knew cardboard could be so chic!

I bet you never thought you could take your husband’s tie, and wear it as a necklace.  You don’t even need to  shop, just browse through his tie rack in the closet…




Jewlery: Birdie Bow Tie


And staying on that theme of tying something gorgeous, colorful, unexpected and easy on your neck, here is Gucci’s Spring Summer 2015 Collection. Notice the simple, small scarf sashes. You can do anything you want with a piece of fabric, satin ribbon, feathers or furry delight. Keep it coordinated with your outfit, or make your mommy necklaces pop. Enjoy this collection as your mommy inspiration…



Would you ever think coconut and leather go together? Might smell pretty good too, actually.  This is one for the bold…



Jewelry: Coconut and Leather Necklaces

This necklace of necklaces will blow you away…


mommy necklaces

Jewelry: Mounted Deerhead Necklace


Here’s Ralph Lauren pairing earth tones with jewel tones, but the thing to notice is how you can add shine and color in necklaces to your every day cargo pants and neutral staples…




You don’t always have to go for the straightforward you know.  Necklaces are just about the area you wear them really, but they can accent your style in a variety of ways. You can also choose neck piece necklaces…



Mommy Jewelry: Textile Neckpiece Necklaces

Last but not least, a necklace should make you feel happy…



Mommy Jewelry: Bridal Butterfly Bib Necklace

Remember, life is short.


mommy necklacesOh My Mommy Necklaces, they’re to die for!

 Courtney & Betina~LaDy LaDuke


  1. Erica K says:

    Love the colors and the beads. It is very fashionable. Do you sell it on Etsy?

    Erica K

  2. Carol Cassara says:

    These are really amazing. I would love that deer head if it weren’t mounted. I am not a trophy hunting proponent. But the workmanship is lovely.

  3. These are very interesting pieces. I’m not a big jewelry wearer but I do like these.

  4. tara pittman says:

    The butterfly necklace is so pretty. I would love to own this one.

  5. Amy Jones says:

    Amazingly beautiful, they are art

  6. Brandi H says:

    The Zipper and Butterfly necklaaces are very created. I love the Mounted Deerhead Necklace.

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    I wouldn’t normally go for necklaces like these but you have to admit, they are all so gorgeous! Perfect to have for different occasion and outfits! I really like the last one.

  8. Perfect to make your outfit stand out. My wife swears by her ‘Neck Jewelry’ mind you, I’d not into how much she spends on them 😉

  9. Enricoh Alfonzo says:

    Such intricate and elegant designs. Very inventive craftmanship, I can see why you like them so much.

  10. Pooja Kawatra says:

    Love the intricate details and the finesse on this necklace. Looks beautiful.

  11. Amanda Love says:

    Some of them make you feel like royalty, and some are even Game of Thrones material! I really like the designs they can make any outfit look so much better! The zipper necklace and the textile one are my favorites from this list!

  12. Ron Leyba says:

    Lovely accessories. Looks elegant and unique. Love them all!

  13. Those could definitely turn simple to extraordinaire! The first one is my fave!

  14. Ana Fernandez says:

    What a great designs! Love the style and look so great on them

  15. I like these! They are unique and will make your outfit pop out!

  16. Nicole Escat says:

    I super like the zipper necklace and butterfly necklace. Both are unique and fabulous!

  17. Nikki Jenner says:

    These are all gorgeous statement necklaces. I love, love the butterfly necklace!

  18. Azlin Bloor says:

    Very interesting statement necklaces! The red one is definitely my favourite!

  19. wow! Those are some unique looking designs!

  20. These are some gorgeous necklaces. Some of them are ones that I’d actually wear. They’re so different and funky. I love it!

  21. Cynthia Rusincovitch says:

    These are just beautiful. I really love the butterfly one! I like that they are different and original.

  22. Shannon Peterson says:

    I love that red one that looks like an exposed zipper material! Those are so amazing!

  23. Mhaan A says:

    Necklaces are one of the things every woman should have. It brings statement even for a simple outfit.

  24. Colette S says:

    I love seeing creative pieces like these.
    Thanks for the introduction!

  25. Liz Mays says:

    I love statement necklaces like these. They are so cool looking and add so much to outfits!

  26. Marielle Altenor says:

    The are bold and gorgeous! I see myself wearing one and my daughter taking it off my neck in seconds lol

  27. Life as a Convert says:

    Some of these statement necklaces are definitely making statements lol I think my favorite is the zipper one.

  28. Kathy Kenny Ngo says:

    Love the red one as well as the butterfly piece. It looks really gorgeous.

  29. Eileen Kelly says:

    Oh my , these are all gorgeous. I xpt t thinking I saw my favorite and then the next photo was just as great. I think he butterfly is my top one

  30. Such detailed and intricately made necklaces. They are nice accessories and indeed show and speak of their own character.

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