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pregnancy clothes


…Pregnancy Clothes: Shop the Bride Chic Andelin Skirt


pregnancy clothes


Pregnancy Clothes: LaChicSewEasy Cocktail Dress Shop LaDy LaDuke…




Shop Easy Style Spring/Summer Pregnancy Clothes

Every woman in the world needs easy style clothing, and clothes that are chic, flattering and fit all body types. This includes being pregnant or not.  Yes, we design maternity clothes and many nursing covers here at LaDy LaDuke, but our philosophy is that a woman should be able to buy clothes when she’s pregnant, and still dress like she’s not.

Clothes & in Particular Maternity Pregnancy Clothes Should Have Timeless Style and Be Comfortable…




Pregnancy Dress Style Should Do It All…

I’m sure you know what we mean. Those big elastic belly bands, and specific patterned cuts of clothing for women’s maternity are not only ugly and uncomfortable, but very short-lived.   You don’t have to give up your style or even your pocket book just because you’re pregnant. In these modern times, there should be easy, chic pregnancy clothes that really do it all, and that’s what our LaChicSewEasy Pregnancy Clothes line is all about.




…Pregnancy Clothes: LaChicSewEasy Maxi Dress Shop LaDy LaDuke


We Want to Be Your All Body Type Women’s Maternity Shop…

These days, many great women’s pregnancy clothes are found online, yet you can’t try them on first. That’s why as designers of pregnancy clothes online, we create clothes that are flattering for all and any figure. Women’s Maternity clothes have to look good on petite, plus size, tall, pregnant, young or old, and clothes have to be stylish solutions.

You Need a Maternity Shop Helper for Guidance….




To Dress Maternity or Not Every Day Should Be Easy…

You want to look in the mirror and like what you see. You want to feel attractive yet comfy, and you don’t want to keep changing your clothes to feel that way.  There should be helper-staple clothing items in your closet that you can turn to every day to get dressed.  You should be able to shop for these in one place, and know where you can find them.


pregnancy clothes


…Shop Your Margot Top, Callie Skirt & Cheetah Bow Scarf from Our Maternity Spring/Summer Collection.


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…Pregnancy Clothes Shop Helper: LaChicSewEasy Women’s Maxi Skirt Shop LaDy LaDuke


Wrap Maxi Skirt in Womens Clothing-LaChicSewEasy-Your Go-To Separates and Staples for Your Wardrobe…

This Women’s Maternity Maxi Skirt is Designed to Fit with Your Pregnant Belly. It Sits Lower on Your Hips & Adjusts with Velcro for Your Changing Body to Work for Sizes XS-XL.


pregnancy clothes


Style Shop Women’s Maternity Fall/Winter Collection Help Means Same Great Look Yet Different…

Once you know something fits and looks great on you, you tend to wear those clothes all the time, right? So, you need the same type of great look, but to shop with options in the same family of chic pregnancy clothes.   You need that clothing item long or short, in different fabrics, and with varying details.


pregnancy clothes


Shop Women’s Maternity Helper Mix & Match with Ease…




…Pregnancy Clothes: Women’s Maternity LaChicSewEasy Tube Top & Ruffle Circle Skirt Shop LaDy LaDuke


You always need that staple item in your closet, that you know you can throw on, look great, it will fit you a little larger or even a little smaller, it’s really comfortable, and you have it in a bunch of colors, because you’ll probably just wear the same thing in the other color tomorrow…right?


Shop Women’s Maternity Same Clothes Many Colors…

Not only can you interchange the maxi for the short bottom ruffle style, but all LaChicSewEasy pregnancy clothes have so many color choices and fabric options, all designed to shop mix, match and go together.






*Accented with the BOHEMIAN SHAG VEST.


And there are more LaChicSewEasy Women’s Maternity Pregnancy Clothes to shop!




Just check out our all women, bride or women’s maternity pregnancy clothes section in our Etsy Shop. And just for fun, some fashion we love…


Courtney & Betina~LaDy LaDuke




  1. Amy Jones says:

    All really great styles! It’s already complicated trying to find great regular clothes, I can’t imagine what it’s like with a baby in your belly

  2. Those are actually flattering and stylish! I am amazed what I see people wearing these days!

  3. Dawn McAlexander says:

    I love the black outfit. It really conceals your pregnancy from a distance. Plus it looks really good on you. I think black is your color.

  4. Elizabeth O. says:

    Pregnancy clothes used to be so boring and bland, it’s good to have a line that’s all about feeling good and looking good while you’re pregnant! I love the these clothes and I’m sure women all over the world will love them too.

  5. tara pittman says:

    Such pretty clothes to show off the bump. I wish I had clothes like these when I was pregnant.

  6. Melanie Smith says:

    Those outfits are on point!! I love every piece of clothes you are wearing there.

  7. Lovely items and great styling ideas. I had a very similar black dress to the top one in my last pregnancy and wore it all the time. Comfort and style isn’t so difficult to achieve, great ideas.

  8. Liz Mays says:

    This makes me jealous that I didn’t have stylish options when I was pregnant. These are incredibly fab!

  9. May Palacpac says:

    I so love most of the black mini dresses! I like it basic although I tend to go for colors and designs when I’m pregnant. I dunnow why…hormones? haha. But really, you look amazing in the mini dresses.

  10. Simple, flowy and comfortable was my maternity style. Who am I kidding? It was pajama pants.

  11. These are all great outfits. I wish I knew about them while I was pregnant.

  12. Susan Quackenbush says:

    I just can’t get enough of how darling those outfits are! And for maternity? Even better! Thank you for sharing these great styles, I’ll be sure to let my girlfriends know! 🙂

  13. Nicole Escat says:

    I like your maternity dress. I remember when I was pregnant, I used to dress up too.

  14. CourtneyLynne says:

    Fabulous outfits!!!! I’m always a fan of anything black. Such a chic color

  15. Looking great as always. This post must have been fun to put together. The photos turned out great. I agree, women should be able to be stylish when they’re expecting.

  16. Wildish Jess says:

    Love all of the little black dresses and how cute your belly looks in them!

  17. love all the designs! and really chic and fashionable too! looks good on that belly

  18. You are rockin’ with those dresses! When I was pregnant, I normally wear maxi skirts to hide away my swollen legs lols.

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