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Time for Room Design Home Organization 101:

How can you design a room without getting organized first, and getting rid of all the clutter?

If you need some simple steps to your perfect Room Design with a clutter free home, read on!

When you first move into your home it seems like you have so much space. As the years pass, things and stuff accumulate. Perhaps it’s time to weed out the unnecessary items, and get some real organization at home going for your room design plans.

At home organization is a step-by-step process that can actually be simple. Plus, you also need to involve your family. Not only can you enlist their help, but you want them to learn to organize the clutter with you, and get into new, good habits.

Then, everyone will appreciate that gorgeous new room design!

It will take more than a day or even a week to get everything to a manageable level, but once you do, your home organization and staying organized for your room design plans become a much easier task. 

Here’s a little free inspiration from House Beautiful. I always find that a gorgeous photo of a room design tends to get me going on organization ideas…

room design

Ahh, now wouldn’t you like a room design like this one?

And here are some basic steps to guide you to your new room design home organization…

The nice thing, is that the first 3 steps, are free…just some time and work to get to your new room design.

Home Organization Room Design Prep #1. Start with the high traffic areas. The living room and kitchen are usually the two most used rooms in the house. Everything gets dropped on a counter or the couch in these two places, right? For more successful home organization, concentrate on getting everything set up the way that you like it in these two important rooms first, before moving on to another room.

Home Organization Room Design Prep #2. Divide items into categories. You can use heavy-duty trash bags for this part. Everything that you find can go into 3 piles: KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY FREE, and RELOCATE.

Items that will stay in that room are to keep. Things that you don’t need or are broken can be thrown away. Clothes or furniture still in great condition can be donated and scheduled for pickup by the Veteran’s association, Big Brother’s or Goodwill. Anything that definitely belongs in another room can be labeled for storage and relocation when you get to that room in your home.

Home Organization Room Design Prep #3. Remove everything from drawers and cabinets. This is a time-consuming process but it is easier to start with an empty space for a room design and fill it, instead of simply pushing things around. Line things up on the counter, then someone else can help by putting the items in their KEEP, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY FREE or RELOCATE order.

Home Organization Room Design Prep #4. Use storage containers. The style of storage containers has upgraded to be pretty as well as functional in your home room design. Purchase storage containers that match your décor in each room design, and integrate them so that no one would even notice they were being used for storage…


Courtesy of designlovefest.com

Home Organization Room Design Prep #5. Make use of all of your available space. Stack stylish storage containers  under the stairwell, or arranged against a wall like art. Make them your coffee or sofa table.

In the kitchen, use the top of the refrigerator for cereal boxes and breakfast food like boxes of instant oatmeal or grits. In the bedroom, shoes and winter clothes can go into flat storage bins that slide easily under the bed or the dresser.


Courtesy of Mom Blogger PLR.com

Home Organization Room Design Prep Bonus Tip:

Label your room containers. Use tape and a permanent marker to identify the contents of your storage containers. Avoid writing on the actual container in case they are re-used and the contents are changed. Labeling also makes for easy identification if you decide to sell or give away free a container of books or something else. You won’t have to open each container to locate them.

Organizing your entire home for a room design takes time. But once it is done, returning everything you use to its proper place will maintain that same level of organization you worked so hard to achieve at home.

Here is more room design inspiration for you as a collection of home organization from closet space to pantry and kitchen, to even your refrigerator, to give you more room design ideas on getting your home organized…free and simple…

Courtney & Betina~LaDy LaDuke

Room Design Home Organization 101


  1. Jeanette says:

    We have had to learn about organization all over again when we moved into this house because it was much smaller than our last house. I think we are using most of this tips!

  2. Cindy Ingalls says:

    Storage containers are a life saver. I use them a lot for all my blog items, as well as my beauty items. It helps me keep organized and know what I have and what I need to use up.

  3. Elizabeth O. says:

    It’s good to have these tips as a reference if you’re thinking of redesigning or just simply organizing your home. I make sure we de-clutter at least once a year to get rid of all the old things that we no longer need. It’s great to have a clean home, it feels more comfy and relaxing, doesn’t it?

  4. victoria says:

    Such a great advice, I always want everything was organized especially our house.

  5. Nicole Etolen says:

    Wow, nice tips there! I always make sure that our things are kept well and organize at home.

  6. Robin Rue says:

    Such great advice! Sometimes a clean slate is definitely better. I need to do this with my cabinets and drawers in the kitchen.

  7. Ron Leyba says:

    Great list of tips. Amazing advice indeed. For sure it could help a lot in terms of organization and decluttering.

  8. Christy Garrett says:

    We cleaned up our house around Mother’s day. It really needs to be done again. I’ll have to use these tips as I go.

  9. These are some great tips. I think using storage containers are a must. I use them all the time. They work great for finding things easier too.

  10. Travel Blogger says:

    We have SO much clutter in our house. The kids have just completely taken over.

  11. Nicole Escat says:

    I love these tips! I like the storage under the bed, really saves space. I will start organizing our home this weekend.

  12. Beeb Ashcroft says:

    Starting with high traffic areas is a brilliant idea! It makes you appreciate the work you have started and not feel like you’ve done nothing.

  13. Julie Syl Kalungi says:

    I am a hoarder, so I so need to try these tips and get more space in my home esp since the whole downstairs is one whole large room!

  14. tauyanm says:

    i love these! i used to be a hoarder and always watching out for new boxes and stuffs to put my things in! haha i just love looking at them. thanks for the tips

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