Mommy Fitness Guide from Food to Exercise

This is your Ultimate Mommy Fitness Guide from Food to Exercise…

Because, we all need as much fitness guidance as we can get! 


mommy fitness guide


One of our biggest Mommy issues can be eating too much, and lack of exercise, because we get too busy and too stressed, and it’s harder to give yourself the attention you need for your own personal life, when you are constantly taking care of everyone else in your life as Mommy. 


This Mommy Fitness Guide Will:


-start with bad eating habits & solutions

-run through some realistic fitness plans and goals as busy mommy

-give you specific exercises to try

-plus a yoga breakdown


Bookmark, and return to your ultimate resource. Read on…this one is packed full of great info!


mommy fitness guideMommy Fitness Guide-Food: How to Overcome Emotional Overeating…


Sometimes we can go overboard with our eating habits as women, and it can result in overeating or binge eating, and gaining weight. Eating is a part of life, and your body gets its nutrients from food, but food can also get tied to your emotions, triggering emotional overeating.


Mommy Fitness Guide: Overeating Begins in Your Mind 


Stress takes its toll on your life. When your defenses are compromised your health takes a hit, and so do your emotions. The problem with emotional overeating is that it manifests through the scale, but can begin in the mind of Mommy and the minds of women. 


To complicate the issue, eating pleasurable treats can stimulate the release of endorphins, just like exercise. After eating or binging, you feel better. All women have bad days. How we deal with the bad ones brings emotional eating into play. You look for comfort for your hurts.


mommy fitness guideWhy Overeating? Food Doesn’t Judge


Women who turn to food for comfort find a coping mechanism that won’t judge them, hurt them or tell them “no.” Emotional eaters also use food to relieve stress. They hide behind it, instead of seeking solutions to their issues.



The most common cause of stress is something horrible such as physical abuse or a death.


Are You Using Food in Your Life The Wrong Way?


What are the signs that you are eating, and using food in this way?


The first sign is obvious–you will gain weight if you eat too much. In light of this weight gain, examine other areas of your life.


mommy fitness guideMommy, Answer these 3 questions:


1: Are you dealing with a problem but haven’t found a solution?

2: Have you been under stress lately at work or at home?

3: Has anything traumatic happened in the last year?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be an emotional eater.  


More Mommy Issues:


Other overeating signs:


*You eat but you are not necessarily hungry at the time.



*The foods that you choose in life are called “comfort foods” such as:


mommy fitness guide* High fat foods like French fries, fried foods
* High carb foods like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes
* Sugary foods like ice cream, donuts, cookies, cake


If you are eating for emotions, you’ll experience feelings of guilt and helplessness. The helplessness lies in the fact that you don’t see a way out, and the guilt is over potentially ruining your life health. 


Some Solutions for Mommy…


mommy fitness guideThere is help for women who are overeating and emotional eaters.



The first step for women, is recognizing the issues, and that there is a problem.


Second, Seek Life Counseling.  


Emotional eating is about gaining control over your emotions as women. There are many types of counselors out there who can offer techniques and suggestions.


A counselor might suggest things like relaxation techniques and family support. Also practicing problem solving skills in life and visualization. Visualization helps you to see your issues in a realistic way, and not blown out of proportion. 


Third, Your Family Can Help


They can be aware of the food you are eating, assist you in making healthy food choices and exercise along with you. They can learn your triggers for stress, and be on the lookout for changes in your eating habits.


mommy fitness guideMommy Fitness Guide–Issues & Solutions: Try Diet and Exercise 


Proper diet and exercise increases life immunity, blood flow and positive thinking. You can also try yoga, which enhances the mind-body connection, helping women to not eat when they aren’t hungry.


Finding new ways to solve your Mommy issues such as diet and exercise, and deal with the root cause such as stress in life, will help push your Mommy Issues out of the equation.


The idea is that you’ll feel good about finding solutions to your issues, which will replace the dependence on food. Watch this video for more insightful information.


As Women, knowing only helps us cope better…



mommy fitness guideMommy Issues & Life as Women: Let’s Tackle Fitness!


Let’s face it, we Mompreneurs are racing non-stop, and then we have to stay on top of our healthy living and fitness as well. You need to have a fitness goals, but you need your fitness goals to be realistic too, right?


Realistic Fitness Can Be as Simple as Writing it Down


You might be like I am, and create your daily list of very important business tasks to check off, keeping the list small, doable and effective. You stay realistic every day, you streamline by setting goals that you can actually do, and that move your forward.


You can apply this same realistic goal setting practice to your fitness and exercise program as well.  All you do is add that simple, yet effective fitness activity to that same checklist, and make it as important as the other daily tasks.


mommy fitness guideHow to Pick the Right Mommy Fitness Plan for You

There is no easy answer as to which fitness program is the right one for you. Sometimes, it is simply a matter of trying many different things and then choosing what works. Even more importantly than choosing what works is sticking with what works.


There are a few tips to guide you on your journey of setting the right fitness goals that work for you. The important thing is to stay realistic for yourself. You know what you can do. Don’t get overwhelmed, which leads to doing nothing.


mommy fitness guideWhat Are Your Fitness Goals?


Before you go running out to buy all new fitness equipment and new exercise equipment and workout wear, it is important to discern what your goals are. If you are looking to lose a few pounds, then a simple exercise program, combined with a healthy living diet may suit you best.


However, if you are seeking to lose more than a little bit of weight, it might be in your best interest to explore and investigate the many options for more vigorous fitness programs that have a basis of long-term fitness as their main focus.


Finally, if you are seeking not only to lose weight, but also to keep it off, then a fitness program that is highly focused on variety and lifestyle exercise to maintain and keep it off, may be the best solution for you.


mommy fitness guideDo Healthy Living & Realistic Fitness Research


Once you have honed in on your specific realistic fitness goals, it is important to follow through with research. Research can come in the form of narrowing your choices down to two or three options.


Research by word of mouth is also a great way to find what works for you. Once you find other individuals with your same goals, you can then pick their brains as to what worked or did not work in their particular realistic fitness program of choice.


You can also research using the internet to find out success rates and reviews from other users that have utilized the realistic fitness regimen that you are currently interested in.


mommy fitness guideTake Advantage of Fitness Magazines for Exercise Ideas


Sometimes, just adding new exercise ideas here and there, like when you’re watching the news at the end of the day, or lunging down your hallway, or squatting while answering the phone can add up. Remember doing something is better than nothing, and you are being realistic.


mommy fitness guideHere is an exercise idea from a top fitness magazine for inspiration to do quickly and without equipment…

Squat Dip from Fitness Magazine

Targets: hamstrings, quads & butt

  • Stand two feet from front of chair, facing away, feet hip-width apart, hands on hips.
  • Lift left leg and place top of left foot on seat behind you.
  • Lower into a single-leg squat, keeping right knee behind right toes and dipping left knee toward the floor; straighten right leg to stand.
  • Do 15 reps; switch legs and repeat.

This exercise can be done anywhere in your house, and that’s the realistic part of it.  You can do this anytime of your day.  It’s fast, realistic and simple.  Or, RIGHT NOW, watch this video, and just do a 5 minute ab workout…


mommy fitness guide

Find Realistic Fitness Support Groups


No matter what type of fitness, diet and exercise system you choose, it is imperative to have a strong support group. Whether it is family, friends, or even social media, you need to be proud of the fact that you are looking to lose weight, and looking to keep it off for good.


You will be amazed at how many cheerleaders you will find along the way that will support and encourage you. If you are not feeling up to meeting your realistic exercise needs on a particular day, post it. You never know who might just be there to say the right thing to get you and keep you motivated. You do not have to do this alone.


Mommy Fitness Guide–Exercise:


Hey Moms, Would You Like to Be a Simple Mom When it Comes to Exercise?


Most of us Moms have learned what to do when it comes to exercising. The problem is where and when to get the job done, right? With a busy lifestyle, making time to be a Simple Mom for exercise is a challenge. You need exercise ideas that you can just do anywhere.


mommy fitness guideWhy Should Moms Workout?


First and foremost, life is short.


Exercise and staying in shape is one way to increase your life expectancy as Moms. Weight bearing exercises are important also for increasing muscle mass and bone density as Moms age.


As Moms age, especially once you hit the age of forty, you begin to lose muscle mass. For women especially, bone loss becomes a problem. When the body is in need of calcium, it can rob it from your bones. Building muscle not only increases their mass but your strength.


Here are five classic and easy toning Simple Mom exercises that can be done as a workout anywhere and whenever you have time. At home, at the office, or on vacation–Moms CAN do these easy yet extremely effective exercise ideas and be Simple Moms.


mommy fitness guideFive Easy Toning Simple Mom Exercise Ideas Moms can Do Anywhere…


Simple Mom Exercise Ideas #1. Crunches

mommy fitness guide

Courtesy of fitness.thedjholla

– Abdominal muscles can be worked every day to build strength and muscle tone for Moms. Lying on the floor in sit up position, lace your fingers behind your head. Squeezing your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body until your lower back is about to come off the floor. Hold for two to five counts and return to starting position.


Simple Mom Exercise Ideas #2. Squats


mommy fitness guideCourtesy of womenshealthmag

mommy fitness guide– Simple Squats work the tushy, the hamstring muscles and the quadriceps for us Moms. If you are unsteady, try putting your arms out as shown for balance. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and feet firmly planted. Push your Mom tushy back as if you were preparing to sit in a chair. Keep your abs tight and your upper body straight. Once you reach chair level stop and hold the position for a count of two to five and release. At the lowest point, place all of your weight on your heels for balance and maximum toning.


Simple Mom Exercise Ideas #3. The Bridge Tushy Lift


mommy fitness guide


Courtesy of hotmamasweightloss

mommy fitness guide– This is an easy and simple way to tone your Mom buttocks. Lay down with feet flat on the floor, legs shoulder width apart. Place your hands, palm side down, on either side of your body.  Pushing with your feet, squeeze your gluteal muscles and lift your Mom tushy off the floor.  Hold the position for a count of five to ten and release down to the floor.


Simple Mom Exercise Ideas #4. Pushups


mommy fitness guide

Courtesy of thefatlossninja

mommy fitness guide– This is a classic toning exercise for us Simple Moms that works all areas of the arms plus the chest muscles. If you aren’t comfortable or strong enough to perform a pushup on your toes, lower your body to your knees. Be sure your arms are tucked into the body and your back straight as you lower and lift your body.


Simple Mom Exercise Ideas #5. Reverse Lunges

mommy fitness guide

Courtesy of emotionlife

mommy fitness guide–  A reverse lunge is great for those with knee problems. It still tones the right muscle groups but with less pressure on the knee. Stand with feet together and arms at your sides or hips. Take one leg and move it backwards until you are in lunge position. Your front leg is bent at a 90 degree angle, and your back leg is extended until you are on the ball of your foot. From this position lower yourself down until the back knee almost touches the floor. Hold for a count of two and return to starting position.

The best thing about exercise is that its effects are cumulative for us Moms. These five exercise ideas can be done whenever you have time. Even five or ten minutes at a time will work to your advantage. 


No excuses anymore, Moms!

mommy fitness guide


Mommy Fitness Guide with Yoga…


How many of you practice yoga?

I really like it, and have slacked off on it lately, but have a new goal of incorporating, and combining it with my running routine.

Yoga Practice is a Philosophy of Balance & Form

The running is really demanding, and the yoga is a nice balance to that. Not that yoga practice and the body form is not challenging in its own way.  They are two completely different demands on your body, and the practice of both make for a well-rounded fitness program.

Yoga Practice & Its Benefits

I decided to look up all of the health benefits of yoga for my revived fitness venture.There are few fitness programs with a philosophy that offer broad scope health benefits.

Running does strengthen your cardiovascular system and strength training builds muscle, but yoga practice is actually one of the few fitness programs that can accomplish both and much more.

Form & Body

Yoga and ballet can be quite similar, and as a former ballerina, I’m still drawn to the challenge of it…

Of course, this is quite advanced, but just doing basics, can do so much for your health.

Here’s what yoga practice can do for you…

#1 Yoga Practice Reduces Stress

Many yoga styles have a structured breathing protocol, and breathing is a stress-reducing component.  When you focus on your breathing from through your body, it automatically lowers cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone lowers your heart rate.

Additionally, yoga practice requires great focus. Some poses not only ask you to hold your body in a balanced position, they also ask you to pay attention to your body, and make slight adjustments to improve the pose.

You’re also looking inward and focusing solely on your body and form at the very moment you’re in. This focus reduces stress. It’s akin to meditation, and is so good for you.

#2 Yoga Practice Increases Body Mobility and Flexibility

As you age, eh hem, this is above 25, your body begins to lose some of its mobility. Your body muscles can become short and tight. Your tendons can stiffen and your joints may often feel sore. When this happens, simple day-to-day movements can become painful or difficult.

You may not be able to touch your toes, walk long distances, or reach over your head to put something away so easily without pain. This is due to a lack of mobility.

Yoga can improve your mobility, meaning it can help lengthen those tight body muscles and tendons. It can give you a better range of motion so that when you move your body, you do it in the most efficient and effective way possible. Not only will you feel better, you’ll stop having those awful aches and pains.

#3 Improve Strength with Yoga Practice

Yoga often requires you to hold a position for a long period of time. And in most cases you’re supporting your full body weight and form. This requires you to build great strength.

Most body form positions recruit strength from your large muscle groups, your core muscles for example. As these muscles increase in strength you’ll find it expands to other areas of your life.

Your posture will improve. You’ll be stronger physically, and thus able to lift and carry more than before. And you’ll build muscle, which burns fat and looks pretty darn fantastic too!

Lose Weight with Yoga Practice

There are numerous other health benefits like, improved breathing, better body form, and weight loss. 

You might look at others who practice yoga, and think they are just sitting on a mat, and not doing enough to lose weight. But, the demand on your body form and muscles, as well as the concentration and focus required, leads to calories being burned, and a surprising amount of weight loss.

mommy fitness guideHow do you know which of the styles of yoga is right for you?

Last week I got back into yoga, and I feel great!  You know that Allstate rate sucking commercial, where the girl comes out of the yoga class, and says to her friend that even though she’s not, she feels skinnier?  That’s exactly how I feel…just skinnier, tighter, stronger already.

Yoga can be very challenging physically, and I do the Power Vinyasa style. There are muscles you don’t even know you have, but they get worked, and you get stronger doing poses almost immediately.  

The above photo is showing the crow pose that I try to do. My legs are very long, so my toes are still down and dragging.  I’ll never be able to get all of that length for my poses tucked up so high, but eventually will get them off of the floor!  

The only part of yoga that is not my favorite is hearing phrases like, “You’re meeting the universe half way”, when I’m struggling and shaking in that crow pose.  “No I am not!”, is what I shout back at the instructor on my DVD. 

The great thing about yoga is that new forms and styles of yoga develop to offer maximum benefit. These new styles can be combinations of older forms, but the number of choices give people an ability to make something fit.

Here’s a quick guide of yoga styles to help you decide which yoga style is right for you.

Powerful and Intense

If you’re looking for a yoga style that challenges you, helps you build strength, and improves your fitness, then the following styles of yoga may best suit your needs:

mommy fitness guide

Power Yoga or Power VinyasaPower yoga is a physically demanding yoga style. The goal is to improve strength and flexibility with poses. It’s also often practiced as hot yoga which means you’ll be in a room that’s around 100 degrees F. The goal with hot yoga is to detoxify.  It can be great for weight loss too!

Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga–This style of yoga is physically demanding. You’ll move quickly through series of postures and poses. It’s designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance.

Bikram Yoga–This yoga style provides a complete workout. You’ll move through 26 poses that include strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and flexibility. Classes are always in a hot room.

Calm and Restorative

Some people seek a yoga practice as a way to detoxify, soothe daily stresses, and become more centered. If that is a goal you’re seeking then you may want to try a yoga style that is calm and restorative. The following styles may suit your needs:

mommy fitness guide

Courtesy of

Restorative…Yes, the name of this yoga style identifies the primary benefit. It’s designed to help repair and restore. You’ll move through about five different poses, and you’ll hold them for extended periods of time.

Ananda–This style focuses on utilizing gentle postures and poses which are designed to move energy, and prepare your mind and body for a calm state and meditation.

Viniyoga–Vini means adaptive and that’s exactly what this style is. It’s adaptive to your needs and goals. It’s perfect for people who are working with injuries or limitations. It’s usually practiced in a small group or one on one so your instructor can create a practice that’s just right for you.

The Best of Both Worlds

You don’t have to choose one end of the spectrum or the other in yoga styles. There are many yoga styles that are designed to offer both mental benefits as well as physical benefits.

mommy fitness guide

Courtesy of

The Best of Both Worlds in Yoga Styles include:

Hatha–Hatha is the foundation for most yoga styles. Traditional hatha is easy to learn and suitable to all fitness levels. You’ll enjoy both active poses which challenge you, and help you increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. You’ll enjoy restorative and calming poses as well.

Ivengar–This is one of the most popular types of yoga. The poses are active, and they include the use of props which makes it great for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

If you’re just getting started with a yoga practice, start with a basic style that meets your needs, and allow yourself to grow and change as you become more proficient in the poses.

Styles of yoga are plentiful and flexible, so if you’re thinking you can’t get your body to do it, you actually can. You go and meet that universe half way!

In health, eating and exercise, now you have your ultimate Mommy Fitness Guide here to bookmark, and return to for motivation!


mommy fitness guide

Mommy Fitness Guide from Food to Exercise


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  19. Over eating can lead one to more problems. Aside from family and friends, there are Also support groups experiencing or had experienced the same problems. They may offer help and encouRage plus enlightment

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